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November 14, 2007


I Gallop On

I like to put my nose right down deep in a horse's thick mane ... and inhale. It stirs up deep memories, things that I had nearly forgotten. Our red barn on an autumn afternoon in 1975, a rainy afternoon after school, a trail ride, etc.

Who needs Chanel #5 or whatever?!

We should bottle the stuff and sell it. But then again, perhaps it is an acquired taste. ;-)

Pax. K


Horses are the best smelling things in the world! I used to love spending the day at the barn and coming home and waiting to shower just so I could smell like horse a little while longer. Now I come home to a non-horsey husband who complains that I stink as soon as I walk in the door. Sometimes I'm nice and clean up right away, other times I let him suffer while I revel in it a while longer.


My guess is it's an acquired taste, one I'm proud to say I have. lol


Isn't it interesting how good they smell? I've often wondered about that as well. We just returned from the wild horse corrals and the whole place was full of equine perfume... Makes a girl positively giddy!


Love it..love the smell of hay, of leather, and even hooves being trimmed. My favorite smell is walking into a horse barn. Maddy smells wonderful...I use "Survivor" in her mane and that is another great smell. Love that stuff.

Strawberry Lane

You are so right ... it's a wonderful smell. So warm and soothing.

I notice Royal smells my hands when I walk up to him. Hummm... wonder if he thinks I smell wonderful, too.


Oh man I adore the smell of horses. Especially on a summers day! Its like the smell of heaven in an animal! Oh man and the smell of leather is delicious too! I love walking into a saddlery and just revelling in it! great post!


Yikes, it's as if you just caught me thinking, 'I wish I never had to wash my horse clothes.' Because I was! It's almost time for me to hit the road for the yard, and I, er, neglected to, uh, get the jods in the wash on Sunday... Been reading a book I'm going to blog about, that speaks about how *our* smell is received by the horse. Great post!

Victoria Cummings

I worked in Virginia for a year at a really painful, stressful, insane job. Before I'd go to the office each morning, I'd stop by the barn and rub my hands all over my horse, Silk. Then, all day, when I thought I might go crazy, I'd sniff my hands and smell my best friend - it saved my life! There's nothing like the smell of a good horse.


I came here via Marvel's blog.

I really enjoyed reading your posts and just had to come and look at this one. I agree 1000% (yes one thousand LOL) that there is nothing like the smell of a horse. Apart from burying my face in their necks and feeling their warmth and smelling them I love to do the same on the side of the muzzle, the velvety softness and smell is wonderful and you can feel the horses' breath too.

My husband is always telling me I smell like the barn, he is bed confined most of the time so doesnt get out there much and at the moment I have 17 horses.

Happy 2008, glad I found your blog.


Farm Shop

I didnt read the full article, just saw a bit about hamsters stinking.. i have to disagree - I like the smell of hamsters!

You look like Tony Blairs wife, Cherie



Every one talks ABOUT the smell but NO-ONE, not ONE can or has said and described what the smell IS.


Its something that I never tried! My brother and I, are big fan of horses, horse race games. We don't miss any new, article, blog, online updates related to horses and horse race games. We have brought a pony for our family. Her name is "Jacii". We play fantastic horse race game http://www.horseracegame.com/. I don't know but I found this place appropriate to express our excitement. As soon as I complete posting this comment I am gonna try this! And I know that nothing would smell bettor than a horse as I love horses.


It's very interesting that all the comments here are from women. Is there something to that? IS it just women that find the smell of horses so divine? Are men not quite as stirred? What is the link here?
I am a woman and I Love the smell of horse, its one of the most soothing, exhilarating, refreshing smells to me too!


The smell of a horse is like therapy for me. I have always said I wish I could bottle it and carry it with me. To those that complain about the smell, did they ever consider that their perfume,cologne or body scent is obnoxious to others? Yes the smell of a horse is wonderful.


Nope its not just women im a boy and are nearly always around horses.I thought it was just me because all my friends think im weird lol but as to what sarah said you cant really describe the smell of horse like i cant describe the smell of petrol or leather for example wich are my next 2 favorite smells after horse i suppose it depends on whether or not your around them a lot and I think equine would be a good name for horse scented perfume i would definitley by a bottle of horse and leather scented deoderant :D

Anita Russum

I didn't know they had a smell. Even when I took lessons in Queens. I guess I was smelling all that other stuff around the horse barn.

Tom Hanlon

Your writing makes me long to be on a horse farm. Thank you for sharing it. I'm writing a novel and one of the characters owns a ranch, and I wanted to get a feel, a sense I should say, of the smell of a horse barn and horses. I've been around horses just a little bit, which is too bad. Anyway, thank you for sharing this - you evoked just what I needed, and your writing is marvelous.


Tom, thank you for your kind comment. It was just what I needed. Good luck with your novel. I look forward to reading your writing.

Tom Hanlon

Anne, thank you! We have much in common - a teenage daughter (I have a teenage son as well, and a lovely wife), writing, faith, talking to God, all of the above. Would you possibly be willing to read my manuscript, once it's finished, particularly with an eye to the authenticity of writing about ranches and horses? That's a GIGANTIC favor to ask of a virtual stranger, so know that you won't hurt my feelings if you don't have time.

Damian Kelly

So lucky I came across all these comments! I knew that most horsey people love the smell of the stables, the horse, leather and dare I say the manure too? Nevertheless I didn't realise that so many people wanted to smell like a horse the way I do to, a little bit silly to say but nonetheless so comforting at the same time.

I'm a man and have always enjoyed the scent so it's definatley not just a female thing!


I'm in the kitchen and I just noticed something. Tell me if I'm right....from a few feet away-- CELERY smells like horse!!


Crittermonster, either there is something odd with my horse or with my celery, but I don't think they smell alike. They both smell good and I guess it's possible! Funny! Thanks for commenting.


I have a Shetland who is busy growing his winter coat while I've been unwell. Today I got him into the stable for the first time in weeks and we had a smellfest - I'd forgotten what a deep wonderful smell a horse has, it's clean AND dusty and it makes people feel restored, it really does. Someone posted that horses like to smell US - my wee guy does and he loves smooches on his muzzle AND he smooches back.


Wow! i would give anything to be in a barn again! i recently certified as a horse groom, and....horses smell so good. i think it smells like hay, grass, feed...whatever they've been around that day. grooming is very therapeutic as well. so soothing and good for the horse. anyone hiring a horse groom? i'm available!

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