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March 29, 2008


Mrs Mom

Go to WalMart- to the craft section.... they have loads of silk flowers that are pretty, won't taste good, and should hopefully be non-toxic ;)

All kidding aside Anne, I will ask Dear Husband when he gets home. He may have some suggestions for you!

Hows the rain up there? Getting any at all?


Thanks, Mrs. Mom. That's probably the best advice of all, though not what I was hoping for. At list I can't kill silk flowers.

I've done some more web browsing. It looks like everything is poisonous to horses. Here's an interesting list of landscape plants and their toxicity to horses: http://www.broward.org/extension/large_animal/la002.htm

No rain yet but we're expecting some tonight. How about you?


I'd stick with the pansies. They don't mind being pruned. Actually they like it and they're not toxic. I have a friend who actually mows her pansies and they seem to thrive. If you want safe live flowers, that'd be my pick.

I know, not what you wanted to hear. lol

mrs mom

Oooo I love pansies! My favorite flowers!!

Nope Anne, not one drop of rain here. It went just to the North of us. Hope YOU got some at least. They say we have a 30% chance of rain today though.... Watch- we have 7 to 9 horses on the book for later today. What do you want to bet that it pours then?

Grey Horse Matters

Our horse Blue likes to eat the impatiens.


Plastic flowers.

We use those to decorate parade horses, because they eat the real ones off one-another's decorated harness.

luv my mare

I have heard that these flowers are NOT toxic to horses, yet beautiful. I am not sure if the horses will eat them but I am putting some near my barn.

Blue Bonnets,
Corn Flower,
Black-Eyed Susan

Hope this helps.
If you plant poisonous plants, horses know that they are not edible and will avoid them unless hand fed.

Kimberly McQuiston

This summer i planted Pumpkins on the North side of our barn. holey moley did they take off.. the vined through our horse fence and nearly covered the gate. Neither of my horses laid a lip to it. I am sure its because of the prickelys that are all over the pumpkin plants . but none the less i even had a pumpkin grow on the fence and it wasn't harmed at all. I know they aren't flowers and they arent super beautiful plants but it looked okay and there were yellow flowers on the vein here and there all summer long.

Nike Shox R4

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they dont seem to touch Lavender

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