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April 27, 2008


Grey Horse Matters

You don't, I'm afraid you and the Berber will just have to make friends with the dirt. Taking shoes off outside the door, a coco mat, and a good vacuum are the only things we rely on, when someone's watching, of course.


I am finally starting to win the battle against dirt. I recently posted about how happy I am with my Roomba & Scooba robot vacuums. Really, I'm obsessed with them. Currently, they are the only things that keep the dirt/mud/Asian beatles/dog hair/twine/.../ from having enough time to bond together into a super creature of its own.

I bought a gardner's boot tray for the muddy boots and just keep running my little scrubbing machines.


I leave everything I wear in my locker at the barn. I wear slip on shoes out to the barn and change into my muck boots to go get my horse, then into my riding boots. I have three jackets out there and they stay out there.

Get yourself a Dyson...the purple animal is an amazing machine!

Karen Brenner

I have a special gift. The inability to see dirt! Especially helpful in a horse-filled life!

Hey, I was wondering if you would do a link exchange with me. I've recently started a blog about my equine art and horse adventures: www.karenbrenner.com/blog.html. I've been reading lots of blogs - and really like yours. It's neat how many horse blogs have LOTS of links to other horse blogs!

Please let me know! Thank you!



I use the same system you do. I have the same results, too. Sigh.

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