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May 25, 2008



Have you seen the pictures of how much gue and stuff were holding his feet togther before the Preakness. Whats sad is that if he wins the triple crown, he will go to stud and produce lots of foals with weak feet woohoo!


This millionaire will go to stud anyway. There is no way owner & trainer will not go to the Belmont with such an opportunity to take the Triple Crown. I've been trying to picture him running in EasyBoots to save his blistered soles. I hope he will make it home safely to a comfortable retirement.


The danger with quarter cracks is them continuing to run. That's why they're doing the wire thing - to support the concussion so that it doesn't put pressure on the crack causing it to run the whole length of the hoof not to mention into the "growth area.". That's where the real problem for the horse is.

Just like anything else, there are lots of reasons for quarter cracks. None are cut and dry or black and white. It's hard to know what the real story behind Big Brown's problem when we're not on the inside track. The rest of this stuff is just speculation. Time will tell the true story.


I think the techniques they are using are phenominal. I guess I just don't undertand why people are so upset. Imagine the horses that the development of these techniques are going to save down the road.


Brown-eyed Cowgirl,
You are so right. This kind of development will indeed help so many horses down the road, and I thank you for pointing that out.

I think the reason that people are upset is that (1) it could be happening because this young horse is having his growing body stressed too early, which could mean other things breaking down in him and (2) if he has truly bad feet but he’s a highly desirable stud, he’ll add his truly bad feet genes to a gene pool already full of truly bad feet.

Grey Horse Matters

I just hope he makes it safely through the race and can retire to stud and let his feet heal as he matures. Did I ever mention that I have absolutely no respect for his owners.

jewel and abu

Money...lots and lots of money. Why would these owners, no stock holders be bothered with such a small thing as feet, after all this is an investment not a pet...PPPPPLLLLEEEEAAASSSEEE. They only good that will come from this is awareness in the general public. Although should he win the Triple Crown I an afraid this will all be forgotten. I do find it truely amazing the advances they are making in hoof care, and the conversations and thinking it has caused in the public. Even should he not win, he will go to Stud. To make the most of this we all have a voice, let us speak for these animals, as they have no voice. I think this is hard for us common folk to digest as our Horses are pets and a luxury to us. Big Brown is a commodity, and thats sad. i really hope there is at least a groom or handler that has looked deep into his eyes and feels that love that only a horse person can understand.

Linda - The Mane Point

Thanks for your comment on my recent blog post at THE MANE POINT, "Providence."

Good eyes!

Actually, the sorrel colt is a registered solid paint. Both of his parents were overo paint horses. The sire was black and white, and the dam was chestnut and white.

The colt simply has 4 socks and a blaze, along with a white lower lip. (He also appears in the banner at the top of the blog.)


Of course, the first photo in the post is a chestnut half-Arab filly.




I can understand the points you bring up. They are valid concerns and I doubt that the TB world is terribly concerned about the generations of horses that will be affected if in fact his feet are genetically poor rather than stress induced.

Poor feet on TBs does go back well into the 60's though. Three Bars, a TB, but considered a modern founding sire for the QHs sired several studs who's offspring's feet have been nothing but trouble for generations.

I did purchase a TB gelding one time and his front feet were bad. They were two different sizes and he was incredibly flat footed. I kept shoes on him long enough to correct the problem(it was just really poor shoeing over a long period of time) of the different sizes. One looked "normal" and the other was a pancake. After that I pulled his shoes and he tippy toed around for quite some time but within a year he was completely sound while barefoot and his front feet at least looked like they belonged on the same horse.
You would think that the very best farriers come from the tracks but that is often not the case. It really suprised me because I had always heard that the best farriers were race track farriers. So I guess this is somewhat my reasoning for giving BB's feet the benefit of a doubt.

How did a QH girl like me end up with a TB? I bought him at auction. He "spoke" to me while I was checking the horses out. I bid up to $350 but his owner wanted $500. I gave her the $500. No one wanted him because of his feet. Unfortunately, at the 17H he matured out to be-he was just a little too big to run barrels on.
He now has a wonderful home with a girl my daughter 4-Hed with. He is a H/J, she is doing some eventing with him and uses him for mounted shooting. He has the most laid back personality of any TB I have ever been around.

Victoria Cummings

This is one race I'm never going to be able to watch. I just hope this poor horse makes it through safely. Once the smell of money is in the air, there's nothing more important to most people.


i think it's horrible that money not the health of this beautiful horse is more important to these greedy owners. granted the situations are somewhat diffrent why has no one mentioned eight belles or barbaro both of these horses were healthy and broke down what kind of message are we sending when we put a horse with documented problems on the track, what happens if this poor horse breaks down on the track i can tell you one thing for sure barbaro's owners roy and gretchen jackson would never endanger any of their horses or would they have run barbaro if they new he had a problem they loved that horse and i feel awful that big brown's best interests are not being thought of. i pray he runs the race of a lifetime, and not an example of what not to do. god bless you big brown and good luck.

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