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May 22, 2008


mrs mom

I am with the farmers!

Dear Husband and I have been joking about starting to ride the horses to the store, and I'll be darned if it does not look like an alternative. The mare that boards with us is very well trained, and traffic safe, and Sonny is unflappable as well. (Course, he is not physcially ready to do a store trip.....)

I have been tempted on more than one occassion lately to hop on the mare and go get that milk from the store 2 miles away.... Bet they would love it. Too bad they dont have someplace to tie her... I'd be tempted to get a PT job there to earn gas money...

Grey Horse Matters

Well it doesn't seem like a bad idea to use the mules instead of the tractor. Maybe if more farmers did this, it would help the environment, maybe not. Everything is so screwed up in this country, it will take a minor miracle to cure it.


The Amish have been right all along. And I bet that, efficient as they are, and not having to buy gas, the Amish will be making good money and buying land from defunct tractor farms.

Incidentally, the Amish already manufacture and sell commercially all the implements necessary to operate a farm using horses or mules.

One could apply this at a riding centre too by using a horse to rake the sandschool, cart the manure, chain harrow the pasture, etc.

Strawberry Lane

Now, I like this idea. Finally ... someone is making sense.


I've heard lots of people talking about using horses again. It'll be interesting to see if it actually happens in my urban community. lol

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