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May 28, 2008


Momma Cowgirl

Hubby and I did a small getaway to Lake Powell a few Septembers ago. Even though it was the the holiday weekend, it was quite pleasant. It was perfect weather and we loved the river raft tour... just amazing scenery!
Hope you do get to check it out one day!
take care and happy horsin' around!

Grey Horse Matters

Lake Powell is absolutely beautiful. I love Arizona and have been there many times over the years. (Grandparents) You are right though sometimes as much as we love them a break from the horses can be a good thing. Let's face it they are a lot of work and worry. As long as you have a competent person to care for them while you are gone going away for a week is a great way to refresh yourself.


Lake boating is so pleasant. I hope you get to Lake Powell someday soon.
Don't forget to pack the sunscreen and mosquito repellent for your get-away.

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