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June 27, 2008



Well, I guess that the police wouldn't have needed sniffer dogs to follow them. Their own noses would have found the trail just fine.


hehehehe-thats funny!

I have been trying to get someone to come turn my manure pile-it composts so much faster when you turn it a couple times of year. I can't tell you how much money I have saved this year by digging into that pile and getting all of the good dirt from inside. My flowers are blooming like crazy, the garden veggies are growing like crazy and the places that I used it in to level dips in the yard and start grass is just lush.

Any farmer's markets you could advertise at? A lot of times people who garden are always looking for fresh compost. Most of them are used to having to pay for it too. They might come clean you out if you advertise it for free.

Grey Horse Matters

That is a very funny story. You might want to see if there is an organic farm/vegetable stand around you somewhere. They might actually take it all away and maybe pay you for it. I know of one by us that does this, so it's worth a look around.


Too funny! But from the sounds of it they were up to no good. It's a shame that there isn't someone out there figuring out how to turn our manure piles into biofuel. I know we're sitting on a gold mine just waiting to be discovered. lol


Haha if the Germans could send the thieves my way we would be happy. We try to give it to our friends and family too but because we live so far away from anyone it gets to be a hassle.


HE HE HE!! Too funny!
I agree why can't someone turn manure into fuel?!?! We may be on to something here!


Ummm ... whatever turns you on? The mind boggles... Talk about smelling horsey! or mooey, as the case may be.

As well as making sensational compost, horse manure [dried] has been used as fuel since humans discovered fire ... Guess the oil co's aren't that interested in R&D of "alternative sources" though.

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