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June 16, 2008


Grey Horse Matters

I hope this becomes an issue that more people know about. It's a shame people will just abandon their horses instead of trying to find a rescue or someone who can take care of them when they no longer can. What a shame. I know things are bad now but if you're that tight on money and resources don't have a horse in the first place.


Just goes to show-you cannot regulate morality. You cannot pass enough laws to make people be better than they are. People who would take care of their horses are still taking care of their horses and people who will dump them are still going to dump them. Meanwhile-I heard two of the annual performance horse sales in my area got record prices for their horses. The country has gone crazy.


Thanks for the link...I printed it and will read it tonight for a depressing bedtime story. Just hope people cut back on breeding their horses. My uncle has 50 horses on his property....if anything happens to him, I can't imagine what we will do with all those horses.


That article quotes my favorite animal advocate, Temple Grandin. We really should listen to her logical ideas. Slaughter houses are repulsive but humanely handling the end of our abandoned ponies lives is so much better than seeing them suffer starvation.
Thanks for the article that really should be on everyone's reading list.

Just Jane

I have come to the realization that most of the American population is dumber than a box of rocks. They jump on a band-wagon, support it, and don't think of what are the effects in the end, or the impact on other people. They should have NEVER closed the slaughter houses, just changed some of the ways. Who knows horse meat may actually be tasty.

If you go and look, most will see that Alot of the MAJOR breed organizations have been petitioning and supporting to re-open the slaughter houses. They have always known of the ramifications of the closings.

If only the rest of the horse community and the other few smart people would band together to get them open, and functioing well, then some of the problems would be resovled.

Let's see: crippled horse needs to be destroyed.
owner shooting: .22 cents for bullet(can you really shoot your own horse?)
Vet charges maybe $200 or more to put down. The Back hoe guy charges $300 to dig the hole & bury the carcass..
o.k. no back hoe- cremation- $800-1000
no cremation- leave on ground for buzzards-environmental violation & Fine $1000
Slaughter house guy: buys horse for going price maybe .40 - .50 per/lb on hoof, that makes $400-600 for the horse, they kill & use every part of the carcass for something else... Hmmm 2+2 equals what?

But inevitably and ALWAYS, the carcass of the animal still gets dragged across the ground by somebody.

Has anyone watched a good cow killing lately?? Same thing different location! Only cows bring anywhere from .8 to 1.0 p/lb...

recent article


I think it's like this across the country. It's only going to get worse, I'm afraid.

Just Sue

I totally agree with Just Jane. I love my horses, all 12 of them and we did not breed for any of them. These were other peoples " babies " at one time or another. In our area we see foals going through the local sales, 6 -8 at a time bringing $10-25 dollars each. The majority of the foals and horses are bought by the killer buyers. Hasn't stopped a lot of the breeding around here and really, if the horse is registered ( if in fact those papers belong to the RIGHT HORSE ), the papers aren't saving those horses from going to slaughter either.
Those tree huggers trying to stop all the slaughter want all the saturated rescues to keep absorbing these horses. If all the non slaughter right fighters would put thier money where thier mouth is and agree to support just one of these horses each for the rest of it's natural life, including vet, farrier, board and training if necessary...perhaps we would not have this problem. These no slaughter advocates have cut off thier nose to spite thier faces. Now the horses take a longer ride to Canada or Mexico where Mexico has no guidelines for slaughter practices, so killing is not regulated and the horses have a more painful death as someone stabs it with a knife until it severs the spinal cord.....HUMM.....captive bolt, shorter trip...or...longer trip and stabbed several times until spinal cord is severed....weigh it out people. You got your no slaughter laws passed...you made your beds now lay in them while a select few keep your " saved horses ". Like I said, I love our horses, and I have also taken horses that were a danger to myself and others to an auction. Horses like that should take the place of a good one that might be going. JMHO....

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