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July 09, 2008


Grey Horse Matters

Well that sounds like a load of laughs. We've been getting some really good storms here too, and almost every day. I'm surprised we haven't lost the electricity more often. There is a mountain backing up to the farm, and the lighting forks were just striking the top of that mountain the other night non-stop. Have fun waiting for the cable guy.

Mrs Mom

As long as they dont send you Larry The Cable Guy, it ought to be OK, right? (Nothing against Larry mind you- but I know for one, I'd be too buys laughing at his jokes to let him get any work done... but I have a rather warped sense of humor too...)

Glad you are getting rain!! We got 2 afternoons worth... about an inch total. Gotta mow the lawn again, so that The Rain God can hiccup and miss us- again- for a while...

Stay safe Miss Anne!


Wowza! Hope they get everything fixed right. Next time you see a storm acomin'-start yanking those plug-ins out of the outlets-LOL.

Victoria Cummings

We were struck by lightening a few years ago. It felt like a bomb went off in the pasture and our fence caught on fire. I had just put the horses in the barn, thank God. For about a month afterwards, they refused to go over by that part of the fence. Scary, so be careful and don't get caught outdoors when it thunders.


I know lightning can strike twice in the same place........more than twice even. I hope it gives you a break. Glad you are all ok!


Hope you get everything up and running again!


Maybe you are on vacation. Maybe you didn't take your computer with you. Maybe you'd better let us know you didn't get fried in the storm/storms.

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