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July 02, 2008



A good friend of ours work for animal control and what they do is put some mineral oil in the standing water and it kills the mosquitos! I have started doing it to our bird bath and it works and it is safe for the animals!
I also put bleach (per Midwest HOrse tips) in the horse's water trough and it works too for all the algae and bugs in the water.
Hope you have a safe and happy 4th!

Grey Horse Matters

This all does sound a little crazy, what would the tadpoles do without you? Now you're not only a horse mommy but a froggy mommy as well. Have a great weekend.


I've just been reading about a product you drop into the water to kill mosquitos. It's not supposed to bother the horses or pets but I don't know about tadpoles. Also I don't remember the name of the product....guess that makes me useless. lol

Sounds like things on your farm are swirling around just like they are here. At least we will never be bored.


Careful, it may be placed on the map as vernal pool and you won't be allowed any construction of any sort within 1000 feet, or horse manure, or excess grazing;^)

Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto)

I have been playing catch up again and have read back a ways, some interesting and some very disturbing articles. I am having a real personal struggle with the fact that people can let an animal just starve. I am also down to my last bale of hay, but guess what I will go and pick it up off the side of the road every day before I leave my animals without food.

I should be getting some in soon as they have started baling in our area and we have been fortunate to miss most of the flooding but have had a decent amount of rain. Just hope the prices come down too, they more than doubled last year. I have four of my mares out at a rented pasture so they are taken care of so it all seems to be working out.


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