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September 04, 2008



I just finished working at a barn that was in a the perfect area for hot air balloons and we would get them overhead, and low at least once a week. I worked there for 3 years and only this year did they really get close. They would always land in the field two farms away. Anyway the horses didn't care at all as long as it was in the air. I hope that the area where they blow them up is far away from the competition arena! I think as long as the horses can't hear it it shouldn't be a terrible combo at all. Most horses never look up. I have only known one to really ever watch the skys and that was a Grand Prix Dressage horse who would stop and watch the sky if she heard a plane. She did it every time and her poor owner had to pick show grounds very carefully because of it!

Mrs Mom

PICTURES!!! We want to see pictures if you go, please!!!!

I have always wanted to see balloons floating around. Have plans for this weekend, otherwise we would probably be there too... so pix please!! :)

White Horse Pilgrim

We get hot air balloons around here too. Doru the stallion doesn't care in the least. (Perhaps because they don't look edible.) Pintea the gelding stares at them, even if just specks on the horizon. He's fascinated. He also stares at horses in fields a mile or more away.

I've never been near a balloon on the ground with a horse. I guess that the outcom would depend on the horse. Over here, balloon pilots are trained to avoid livestock when landing, which sounds like a wise precaution.

hot air balloon sydney

I love the balloon race show.But I have never been near a balloon show.
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