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January 16, 2009



I agree with you. It IS too cold to ride. But to be honest I'll take the 50 or so you've got instead of the -14 we had at the barn this morning. If you touch the wrought iron gate it feels like your hand is burning. A smarter person would have worn gloves if they weren't in a hurry. Anyway, even though Lily is smarter than all adults right now, just bring the hat and gloves and scarf with you and keep it in the car. By the end of the day she will be glad for that and maybe a thermos of hot chocolate. Good luck at the show and don't forget the milk and bread(doesn't that drive you crazy, it does me too).Stay warm.


Lily will *love* Cuddleduds! Those are the warmest and most comfy thermals I've ever found.

I know what you mean about the bread and milk. I kind of suspect the grocery stores give kickbacks to the news stations to put flurries in the forecast... ;)


I claim that the coldest I've ever been was not summer in San Francisco but deep winter in North Carolina. It seemed to get down in the single digits every year...to break last years' record.
I hope this "snap" is very short for you.


Its so cold here on the East coast that our board cancelled school on Friday, due to the extreme windchill / risk of frostbite. Riding lesson was nixed this morning, for the same reason. Thank goodness for Kerritts winter pants and those extreme sports gloves. What horse wants their blankets off in this temperature to tack up for a ride?


Like Mumnah, it's been so cold here that local schools shut their doors last week. So, what did I do? I bundled up and went to the barn. I refused to look at the temperature, because I figured getting too cold would be a mental thing. If I didn't know how cold it was, maybe I wouldn't notice as much. And yah know what? I didn't. Of course, I was wearing three pairs of pants and seven shirts.

A Bay Horse

I love Cuddle Dudds. It's funny you should post this. I just posted about how cold it was up here in New England. We had a high of 2F on Friday. If the air hurts my lungs just standing still, I figure it'd be too cold for the horses to work hard.

Lots of grooming! Hang in there. :)


snowballs comin' at ya from montana ... now here it's cold... -17 and for a couple of days.. snowed in with wind drifts. they say tis the coldest winter here in 18 years.. why am i NOT surprised?

stay warm y'all

Debbie Nichol

oh my gosh!!! When I read about your problems with photo shop I could so identify...and then it just kept getting better! I do live in the cold zone, about half an hour north of your northern border in Canada. This has been the third coldest winter on record for us...a lot of days we had a relative temperature of around -45 degrees celcius, that is another way of saying too cold for life!! But I am not pooh poohing your cold woes at all.. I thaw in May, but all winter I am NOT pleasant. I know about the soaking feed in the house, I have perpetual pails of pulp in my kitchen starting in November and not moving out till April, not too many dinner guests either... Love your blog, just found it today and will book mark it. Can so identify with your priorities!

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