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March 27, 2009



Maybe you should go have a chat with Wifebeater yourself. He sounds like the kind of horse that would play ball.

It will be interesting to see how this process goes for you all, considering the current news info (even in horsey media) about our down-in-the-dumps economy.


Gosh. I wasn't paying attention and then look what direction you guys took.
I'm really happy Lily is on-board with this great decision.
We can only hope Rebecca wakes up to the facts of horse ownership. I have a friend up in NC who has had a wifebeater of her own for 14 years! Pasture ornament. She now has a handsome 20 year old horse that she can't possibly give away and can't afford anymore.

A Bay Horse

I like equine.com and dreamhorse.com. They seem to get the most viewers. So I don't bother with too many other sites anymore.

Maybe you could send out your own "communicator" incognito to have a talk with "Wifebeater". ;)


Maybe you dodged a bullet? Maybe that is her, um, "horse communicator" way of saying she thinks Wifebeater is too much of an alpha male and would actually attack Buddy. Disclaimer: Big ol' horsey ignoramus talking here.


If you're going to make a decision based on what an animal communicator spouts off maybe you shouldn't be allowed to have more horses. What a load of nonsense.

Anyway Buddy looks like a wonderful horse and he obviously loves your daughter, I'm sure he's trying to put the brakes on any sale that separates them. I hope he finds a good loving forever home. You might want to contact that communicator and take her with you to the sales prospects and see what he thinks of each person interested in him.

Strawberry Lane

It would appear Buddy is ahead of this sales idea with the limping and all. I really get all distressed when it comes to selling horses or when anyone else sells a horse.

With you, Lilly and Buddy, I'm certain there will be the perfect home for him ... other than where he is. Oh, there I go, again. Sorry.

Sending best vibs your way.


I hope you find the perfect home for Buddy. And the perfect new horse for Lily.

My mind would freeze up over a horse communicator too. How do some people figure out those angles??

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