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April 23, 2009


Mrs Mom


Holy cow--- the Polite Police are out in force in that bulletin eh?

Hang in there Anne. Hang in there.


Oh man, the Elvis part had me laughing so hard. Geeezuuusss, what's a person got to do to put an ad up?? That's insane you can't say great, beautiful, flashy? WTH?
Government... I think the people are about to revolt.
That's some craziness... *shaking my head*


Ha,Ha, chuckle,chuckle... Don't you just love it!


That's disgusting. Why do they bother having ads at all?

White Horse Pilgrim

Bizarre - that kind of thing reminds me of Eastern Europe where barely reformed ex-communists ran the state agencies and seemed to see it as their job to stifle all initiative.

I suppose that the risk in saying that a horse has "great ground manners" is that, if he steps on the buyer's foot, you might get sued for misrepresentation.


Jeez. Did you look at posting on Craigs List?

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