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May 28, 2009


White Horse Pilgrim

It's a very English word, used over here for thin saddle pads, generally saddle-shaped. I wonder whether, like jodhpur, the word originated in India during the British Empire? That might explain why the word isn't common in the US.

Horse Mom

Wow--sounds like it could be the answer to a great 4H Quiz Bowl question! I didn't realize my computer's sound was off before clicking "play," but I got so caught up in his priceless expressions I never turned it on for my first viewing! Thanks for sharing that clip.


That is so cute! "Numnut??" I'm glad he got it right. Unusual word!


Numnah! Its a sheepskin, full or half pad (all the rage here last year). Used for hunter / jumper. Super for wicking sweat, and very soft. Brit or Aussie, just type it into ebay. Now you know where my name comes from :)


Love it! Anne, why can't I get your web address to go on my new blog roll?? Can you tell me what I need to type..I keep copy and pasting it and it still doesn't work.

Lucinda Lundell

If one is older than dirt one learned that in Pony Club!

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