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June 23, 2009



ooouwee...poor petless pony! I wonder how long it takes to come out of the system..and get the stuff outa the fields man!


I got the worst case of Poison Oak in my life after riding my horse bare back. She was free on our 40 mountain acres. I guess it came out in her sweat. Yep, it was between my legs and down to my knees, and I was so swollen and miserable I couldn't walk for a few days. I think I went to a Doctor and got a shot.
The good thing that came out of that experience was that thereafter I was kind of immune to the weed.


Oh Miss South Carolina, how much we love you. Being a Californian puts me always on guard for complaints about those Latte Drinking Liberals.
Occasionally you guys come through with something kind of embarrassing and take us off the front page. So, Thank You.
Your heavens volleyed back beautifully with not one but two famous deaths in LA to send all the paparazzi back where they belong.
Good job.

Strawberry Lane

That is interesting. Didn't know that about horses/Poison Ivy. Glad to know it, now!

Having had Poison Oak very badly, myself, I'd somehow resist hugging that sweet horse.


I had no idea this could happen....wonder if it explains some of my more mysterious cases of poison ivy?!


Im so glad theres no poison ivy around where I live! I've never had a poison ivy rash before... must be really itchy!

Stephanie Webb

Wow! I had no idea. And since poison ivy is so prevalant around here, what a good thing to learn! I didn't even think about them eating it.

Theresa Lewark

I grew up my whold life as a kid on a 300 hundred acre farm with over 30 horses and never had a problem with this. I now as an adult have 2 horses on 5 acres and just yest. I was loving on my horses by hugging them and of course putting my face on them. I noticed they have been rolling around in the pasture and low and behold I have got poison oak all around my eyes and spreading. It is soooo painful. Thanks for the post so I could tell my Dr. it is true to catch it from our loved ones. :)


This Is a nice thing to know before I go to horse camp because my little brother has loosen ivy and I don't want other people to get it.

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