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July 19, 2009



haha...my horses would have been "Do not ride unless you want to have horse on top of you". I wish you luck on getting the jockey club number. I was lucky, my horse was 12 when I got him and his ink was clear as day (and it still is at 17).


Mine would be "Bucks randomly. Hang on."

Glad she hung on!!

Mrs Mom

You can try a flashlight (shine it on the tat while Markus is in a dark-ish stall) Sometimes that helps the tat show up better. Not always though!

Glad Lily hung on so well! She is turning into one heckuva rider there! ;)

Oh yeah- Nice to hear from you again!


for lip tatto help try


A Bay Horse

My horse would say "Feed Me".

Glad she was Ok. We figured out our TBs tattoo. They are letting you look them up online now. You only need to input as much as you can read. Plus you can add markings now. https://www.registry.jockeyclub.com/

Victoria Cummings

Poor brave Lily! Poor you! I'm so glad that she came through it okay. I had an incident when I was a kid with a runaway horse, racing across four lanes of heavy traffic - some kids lit a cherry bomb in the forrest preserve while I was on a trail ride and my horse took off. I can still see things flying by when I think about it a million years later. Good thing Lily has a good seat and such good balance.

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Glad Lily hung on so well!! She is turning into one heckuva rider there!!!

Oh yeah- Nice to hear from you again!

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