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October 21, 2009



Our mare Lily is a worrier too, and you're right, we just have to get out of their way!


That's fantastic. Good reasoning on your part.
I think horses have all kinds of "feelings." Besides worry, I think they get embarrassed when someone falls off. Sometimes, that is. And certainly proud when they are told they've done a good job.
It's good to see you back here.


Wow. What a great story.

Susan Morgan

that was a GREAT story!!!


yup i've been finding that with my arabian... instead try to make it ezier for them rather than hitting the worry button (same for us'ns too i reckon)


Victoria Cummings

What a wonderful insight into your horse's personality! I am a worrier too, so I can identify with how he feels. He's lucky that you and Lily are sensitive to him and appreciate his goodness. Other people might have gotten mad at him and tried to push. It's so interesting how horses will let us know what's bothering them if we only take the time to listen.


What a great story. I don't know too much about horses, so that was a good learning experience!

Fall is such a beautiful time to be outside on a trail with your horse. I just wish I had one of my own!

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Savannah Brentnall

Great photo, btw. How nice to see someone staying balanced over her leg instead of throwing herself on her horse's neck in the current hunter fashion.

Mary Beth Williams

I love stories with happy endings. I'm proud of everyone.


love love love the story so much. It inspire me as a beginner one.

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