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December 30, 2009



That is a wonderful story. A terrible accident, but a wonderful outcome. A good reminder to us all.

Mrs Mom

Wow- I was scared at first that something happened to Lily or her horse. Still very sad to see it did happen to another young lady, though. Glad she was not hurt.

Your Good Samaritan is amazing. Simply- Amazing~!

Happy New Year to you all!


Bravo to you for recognizing this good woman doing such an unselfish task.
Bravo to you for blogging about it.
Let us continue this loving idea thru the New Year.

Horse Riding Equipment

Best wishes for 2010 ! for all horse lovers


Geez I was also scared for Lily! Actually I know someone like the Samaritan you wrote about. She's letting my daughter ride her horse in pony club & 4H this year. It's life-changing, this kind of generosity.


Hello to you,
I am not sure why I have waited so long to read this...?...
But now that I have, I want to thank you for writing it. What a wonderful story of a generous heart of service.
You say that you would not have wanted to do such a feat as to give all that effort and time to someone else-yet, I bet you already have. It is like you have mentioned ere now, it is doing the thing for someone else that presents itself. It is being in the moment, with a heart of service and it matters not the amount of time or the large or small of the time or effort. It matters that You decide to sacrifice for others in ways that you are called. They present themselves and you answer.
That woman..she is so willing, and had the resource for exactly that calling!
we all have the resource for a calling of service..we jsut need the heart and ears and eyes- tom go along with it!

I pray you well, and I do hope that you come back to bloggerville here, and share your wonderful experiences and love of family and Equine alike!
I for one, have richly been blessed today by it!

Happy Easter!


Don't know if you remember me, been out of the loop for sooo long. I last commented on gray horses not fit to eat and told you about my wonderful gray.
Down here in TX, no matter what happens, we are told to cowboy up and get right back on the horse. I cannot tell you how many times my granddaddy told me that no matter how bad the wreck. Kudos to your daughter, because she may have never gotten on again. It was for HER.Not for you. For HER
The courage of the girl who lost her horse..she DID really cowboy up. That was a real hard one.
To the good Samaritan. God Bless her. And is how we all should be. I hope if you still check this you will tell your daughter how proud I am she cowboyed up(ok, this just means no matter what,shake it off and do the thing that scares you) I do hope she is still doing the horses(tho in this economy...geeez)
If you still have any contat with the girl who lost her QH, please let her know someone in TX is SOOOO proud of her.

And please thank the good samaritan
EVER so much. Is what we should each and everyone of us should do. I do things I can afford. Proud of you too. You did have her cowboy up and get back on....Hope all is ok. has been a long time since you blogged. God Bless you all.

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